City of Lake Oswego, Oregon Implements MapOptix Lite

January 18, 2012

Lake Oswego, Oregon  -  The City of Lake Oswego, Oregon, one of GeoNorth's long standing and valued clients, recently approached the company with a specific need they were seeking a solution for.  'Build us a lightweight, web-based mapping application to provide our users with a rich, interactive mapping experience'.  MapOptix, a highly functional, web-based mapping tool, has a sister product called MapOptix Lite, which enabled the client with just such a solution.

The City of Lake Oswego already had pre-existing GIS assets available to them.  What they needed was the appropriate front-end in order to deliver the experience they were looking for. 

Working in collaboration with City GIS and IT staff, GeoNorth elected to implement the Flex-based MapOptix Lite solution that would consume their existing GIS data.  The finished application now provides the City with a full-featured set of functionality that includes search, selection, multiple map, multiple layer, drill down, measurement tool, bookmark, and Google StreetView capabilities, and more.  All services are fully configurable via an easy-to-use configuration file.  In the end, GeoNorth was able to deliver and implement a quality, low cost mapping solution met with Total Customer Satisfaction.